Upcoming Events

October 6, 202212:00 pm / 1:00 pm

Calgary Interfaith Council Book Club

October 9, 202212:00 am

Supporting Dementia Friendly Communities


October 12, 20228:00 am / 9:15 am

Neighbours for Breakfast

November 3, 202212:00 pm / 1:00 pm

Calgary Interfaith Council Book Club


The Calgary Interfaith Council avidly promotes multi-faith dialogue as a means of creating understanding and respect between faith communities.


The Calgary Interfaith Council is committed to creating programs, activities, and information that educates our members and the citizens of Calgary…


The Calgary Interfaith Council recognizes that prayer and spiritual practices form the core of religious observance.

Social Justice

The Calgary Interfaith Council embraces a deep commitment to effecting social justice locally and globally as a reflection of our shared religious values…

About Us

Calgary is blessed by a broad diversity of religious faiths whose origins and history originate from places that span the globe.  These religious communities embrace an equally broad spectrum of ethnicities whose languages, foods, and cultures define Calgary’s international flavour.  The ability of these religions, in particular, to flourish in a setting of respect and dignity is essential for the city’s future.

Members of the CIC

The Calgary Interfaith Council encourages all interested individuals and religious institutions to join us in fostering interfaith harmony and cooperation in Calgary. Membership reflects an active embrace of the CIC’s vision and values as well as a commitment to engage in our programs and activities.