Scriptural Reasoning/ Spiritual Dialogue Circle

Scriptural Reasoning (SR) is a tool for inter-faith dialogue whereby people of different faiths come together to read and reflect on their scriptures. Unlike some forms of inter-faith engagement, it is not about seeking agreement but rather exploring the texts and their possible interpretations across faith boundaries, and learning to ‘disagree better’. The result is often a deeper understanding of others’ and one’s own scriptures, as well as the development of strong bonds across faith communities. SR is now practised globally, including in places affected by religion-related tensions and conflict.

Where diverse faith traditions come together to discuss a monthly theme.

Overall Theme: From Strangers to Neighbors

(monthly themes will be more specific)

Held on the 4th Tuesday of each month starting on September 27th via Zoom

(and periodically in-person)

Facilitated by Pastor Wallace Bornhuse

Everyone is welcome and invited to participate. If you or your organization is interested in attending, please email Bishop Dalton Harding at

For more information on this approach to Interfaith Dialogue, please visit