Chair: Pastor Wallace Bornhuse

The Calgary Interfaith Council avidly promotes multi-faith dialogue as a means of creating understanding and respect between faith communities. The primary goal of dialogue is to learn about and from other faith traditions so as to become aware of their beliefs, practices, and spirit.  In the course of dialogue, participants enhance their religious literacy of other religions and develop meaningful bonds that overcome misunderstandings, stereotypes, and biases.

True and meaningful dialogue occurs when each participant brings personal honesty and sincerity to the table and is willing to be minimally self-critical of themselves and their religious tradition.

Currently, the CIC sponsors the Calgary Jewish-Muslim Council’s dialogue that takes place monthly between Jewish and Muslim clergy and lay leaders.  For further information, contact Imam Syed Soharwardy at [email protected].

Multi-faith Dialogues are currently underway and upcoming dialogues are being scheduled.  For further information, contact Pastor Wallace Bornhuse at [email protected].