A prayer for peace

We feel like the world is in great upheaval. There is so much pain, destruction, anger, divisiveness, and death. The wars are particularly disturbing to our hearts and minds. For some of us, we see this at a distance, and for others it is very personal. It is our community, our friends, and our family. It is excruciating and painful.

We pray for our families, our leaders and our community. We pray for those who are in harm’s way. Our hearts grieve for the individuals and families affected by war. There are no words to describe the horrors that these wars have caused. The killing, the kidnapping, the hunger, the uncertainty. It is all overwhelming. At a time of great sorrow, words of a prayer seem insignificant. We come from many faith traditions that teach us of a Higher Power. We exercise our intent, our shared humanity and our beliefs that thou would sooth and bring solace to all those who are suffering.

We pray for the leaders of nations and those who have influence over decisions relating to these wars. May they be given the spirit of wisdom, compassion, mercy and justice. May there be a realization that no one wins in war, and that the answer to conflict is through listening, understanding and diplomacy.We pray that a way forward toward peace will be realized.

We pray for the City of Calgary and surrounding areas. We are nervous that these international conflicts will install divisions, discrimination, and violence within our communities. May we each take personal responsibility to not let this happen. Many of us are in intense pain. We are angry and scared. Bless us with the ability to listen, and to maintain relationships. Inspire us to know how we can personally make a difference. Most importantly, may the feeling that we are all brothers and sisters be present within our hearts and minds.

Personal prayer graciously offered by Dalton Harding, CIC Board member.